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Who or What is Tashi

Tashi is project aimed at exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Optical character recognition (OCR), and speech-synthesis APIs(text-to-speech). The goal is to use technology in a manner that improves the educational process.

The word Tashi is a Tibetan word meaning "good fortune" or "auspiciousness". (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tashi)

Tashi Projects

Mi Amiga is a chatbot that communicates to the user in spanish assisting them in the building of their spanish language skills.

Phases of the Project

  • Code a Program that Retrieves the News Feed in Spanish Language. (Status: Completed)
  • Utilize artificial intelligence tools that will perform text to speech of the spanish news feed. (Status: Completed)
  • Design a program that allows the user to ask the bot the translation of a spanish word to english. (Status: Not Yet Started)
  • Design a program that track words not yet known or perfected by the user. (Status: Not Yet Started)
  • Design a bot that uses the tracked words to initiate conversation with the user. The user will again be able to ask the bot for the translation reinforcing their understanding of spanish. (Status: Not Yet Started)

"Sit Girl"
Sit Girl is a project developed to assist in Bar preparation.

Phases of the Project

  • Scan Bar materials (Barbri book to pdf) (Status: Completed)
  • Sometimes the pdf document contains objects that cannot be easily read by a reader. This phase involves the converting of the pdf document to a word document using OCR technology and then prepping the word version of the barbri materials by removing unreadable objects such as logos an other objects. (Status: Started*)
  • Convert the cleaned word document back to pdf version. (Status: Completed)
  • Use Java API to read materials from pdf to screen, website, or to another file format. (Status: Completed)
  • Apply a text-to-speech API to file format or website. (Status: Not Yet Started)

"All dApp"
All dApp is a decentralized app building project. A dApp or "decentralized app" is a software program that uses the power of blockchain technology, and oftentimes smart contracts, to achieve decentralization. They store most often on cloud computing platforms and can operate on multiple systems simultaneously.

Each system runs on the same blockchain network, and every system in the network communicates with the other systems in order to complete a task or command. Blockchain based companies use dApps to streamline processes and increase operational efficiency.

(Source: https://www.chainbits.com/cryptocurrency-terms/decentralized-application-definition/)

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